Sandblasting can be used to great decorative effect. It obscures heavily whilst letting in lots of light.

One side of the glass is blasted at high pressure with fine sand. On windows this is then ideally double glazed to prevent finger marks and reduce cleaning, or a special coating can be applied if single glazed. We can sandblast the back of mirrored glass to create wonderful designs, this looks especially good with depth blasted sections.

We can sandblast to make many decorative items such as wall plaques mirrors and door panels. With sandblasting we can create beautiful windows and doors which range in style from traditional Victorian deigns to striking contemporary pieces. We also use sandblasting to recreate old acid etched glass. Sandblasted glass can be used in sections of leaded designs or on its own.

At Modern Glass we can design and make our own patterns to the customers requirements, from simple borders or house numbers, to intricate designs.




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