Stained Glass

At Modern Glass we design and make traditional stained glass panels, as well as produce high quality reproductions.

The term ‘stained glass’ is often used to describe most types of decorative glass, but the term only really applies to hand painted, kiln fired glass. When we make stained glass, we paint/fix glass paints, enamels and silver stains permanently to the glass surface by heating it to high temperatures in a kiln. Using these traditional production methods we are able to produce beautifully ornate glass panels that could last for hundreds of years.

At Modern Glass, we can repair or reproduce broken stained glass panels and will be happy to accept new commissions. Our clients include churches, businesses and private customers. We also sell stained glass inserts for leaded lights.

As well as being beautiful, stained glass can be expensive. This is due to the time and skill involved in production. Please contact us with your requirements for advice and pricing.


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